The new machine from STIEFELMAYER-Lasertechnik. 

Probably the world's fastest and most precise 5-axis machine
for laser cutting and laser welding.

The 2D machines STIEFELMAYER effective S and STIEFELMAYER effective L set new standards for dynamics and precision by manufacturing all moving parts from lightweight carbon and moving them with linear motors.

The new 5-axis machine is the logical continuation of this successful concept for 3D applications. With carbon fibre components in previously unknown dimensions in a laser machine, driven by modern linear direct motors.

State-of-the-art laser technology

Fibre lasers achieve a high level of absorption in metallic materials. With very high beam quality, this significantly improves the process efficiency and yields considerably higher cutting speeds than with CO2 lasers. Other advantages result from the simple and precise beam guiding from resonator to cutting head. Expensive maintenance, adjustment and cleaning of the mirrors is not necessary. On request, CO2 lasers can also be integrated into the 5-axis machine.

Solid concrete basis

Steel uprights are annealed to eliminate stresses and then filled with a special concrete. The large mass of the base units and the specific properties of the concrete, such as long-term stability, vibration damping and low temperature expansion, form a solid and highly precise basis for the dynamically moving parts of the machine.

Lightweight construction in carbon technology

All moving parts have to be lighter and also more rigid to be able to use the high machining speed provided by the fibre laser. For this reason, all steel and aluminium parts on the moving Y-axis and Z-axis were replaced by carbon fibre parts on the 5-axis machine.

Dynamic drive technology

No other drive technology than linear motors is better suited for achieving the required dynamics and precision. It generates a direct, straight movement, allowing vibration-free transmission of forces into the moving parts of the machine. This enables the highest level of path accuracy with the highest level of dynamics. In addition to this, linear motors are mostly free from wear.

Technical data

Beam source: fibre laser

Optional CO2 laser

Laser output: 1 - 3 kW

Footprint: depending on installed features

Axis paths: X 2100 mm, Y 1100 mm, Z 600 mm

Detailed view