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»  Experts for highest precision requirements

»  Perfectionists to the last detail

»  Creators of added value with the highest demands regarding ecology and economics

»  Specialists for laser cutting, laser hardening and laser cladding

» Mechanical engineering »
With the brands STIEFELMAYER effective and STIEFELMAYER HC5,
STIEFELMAYER-Lasertechnik sets new quality standards for laser material processing.

Unrivalled precision and dynamics in 2D and 3D applications produce manufacturing results that satisfy the highest quality requirements. STIEFELMAYER-Lasertechnik uses state-of-the-art technology and materials to achieve this objective. Latest generation lasers with highly precise focussing meet machine components made of lightweight carbon and highly dynamic linear drives. The very low energy requirement for the use of fibre lasers results in direct cost optimisation.

» Laser cutting in 2 dimensions » 
Laser cutting machines from the successful STIEFELMAYER effective range deliver flawless cutting results which are particularly appreciated in development and for the production of small lots.

» Laser cutting, laser hardening and laser cladding in 3 dimensions »
The HC5 laser machine provides laser machining in 5 axes. The machine concept offers a variety of laser applications on a compact platform. Depending on the desired machining, the HC5 is equipped with a suitable laser. For the selection of the suitable laser source, STIEFELMAYER-Lasertechnik cooperates with renowned manufacturers.

» Special purpose machines »
Where laser machines from the standard ranges effective and HC5 are not ideal for the processing task, experienced specialists from STIEFELMAYER-Lasertechnik work out a suitable concept for their customers.