» Laser hardening of long parts with the STIEFELMAYER LH »

LH stands for laser hardening and in this case for hardening long parts.

Laser hardening is ideal for long parts such as folding tools or guide rails as these parts only require hardening on the functional surfaces such as guide paths or folding radii.

Thanks to the variable focus geometry, the hardening zone can be adjusted precisely to the functional surface. The machine only hardens the area where strength is required. Particularly for long parts it is important to generate as little warping as possible through the hardening process. Warping means expensive reworking.

The STIEFELMAYER LH can harden long parts up to a length of 4.5 m with minimum warping. The laser source is selected depending on the required hardening zones and the required energy.

Operation of the machine is made very easy by the combination of manual and automated axes.

The machine requires no expert knowledge to benefit from the economic efficiency of laser hardening.

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