» NEW » Challenge and solution in production »

Automated, flexible and cost-effective production of bonded rotor and stator stacks.

Combining the STIEFELMAYER ‘effective’ laser cutting machine with the PMOS Püttmer stacking system. Ensuring the automated production of laser-cut, bonding varnish-coated electrical steel stacks. A milestone in the production of rotor and stator stacks!


» Laser cutting machine effective S »

» Laser cutting with the STIEFELMAYER effective S »

Precision and dynamics in a new dimension. The right choice for the highest precision requirements for the production of laser cutting parts. This machine combines state-of-the-art technologies into a unit with previously unknown possibilities for laser cutting.


» Contract laser cutting »

» Highest cutting quality through laser machining on the STIEFELMAYER effective  »

»  For prototypes, pilot series parts and small series

»  For laser parts with highest precision and high quality surfaces

»  Provision of customer material possible for exceptional requirements



» Laser welding machine LW2 »

» Laser welding with the STIEFELMAYER LW2 »

The laser welding machine for high-precision electrical steel packages.
For the production of small series in electrical engineering, the laser technology can be used in different variants, each with technological advantages.


» Contract laser hardening »

» Quality advantages through laser hardening on the STIEFELMAYER HC5 »

»  Targeted laser machining with lowest possible heat input allows partial hardening of functional surfaces on the component

»  Heat treatment with particularly low warping, even for hard-to-reach hardening zones


» The enterprise »

STIEFELMAYER-Lasertechnik offers its customers high quality laser machines for metal processing with previously unknown precision and dynamics. STIEFELMAYER laser machines reflect decades of experience in high end mechanical engineering and the precision of STIEFELMAYER 3D measuring machines which are valued all over the world.


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12. - 13. June 2024

Dritev, Baden - Baden

23. - 26. June 2024

EASA Convention,

US - Las Vegas, NV

25. - 27. June 2024

Stanztec, Pforzheim

01. - 04. September 2024

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